Taking this pro-active approach can save you thousands of  dollars & years of time by meeting with me prior to applying for college vs. having them drop out if they go to a mis-fit !

  Please give me a call first!

             616 560-6011

  • I'll listen to their desires, dreams, and drive in life!

  • I'll assess their abilities cognitively and physically!

  • I'll consider what they have accomplished and what they want to accomplish in their future!

  • I'll assess their personality with career desires and guide them with a possible Major in college....

  • Then guide them with finding the college that is the right and best fit for them to attend.... 

  • Steps to Take for College Visits, Applications, and Essays to be admitted to where they will fit best to complete their degree!

Certified to Counsel with the College Selection Process! 

Yes, one of the most important and expensive decisions

your child will make up to this point in their life !!

Ms. Laurie makes learning enjoyable!

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  • We can work it out2:15